Loving you

and from the day I've got ya

I've learnt to love so much yeah

for any doubt I had you've thrown 'em all away

and from the very start yeah

so happy that I've found ya

you played the gratest part

I've lost the words to say


I was born for loving you baby

for loving you baby

just loving you

I was born for loving you baby

I love to love you baby

'cause no one can deserve it but you


And from the very start

I knew you were the one that

could be my soulmate and the perfect match for me

you make me feel alive, yeah

the only woman for ya

you made my dream come true

I've thrown my doubts away


I wanna be your lover

you'll never need no other

I wanna be just your tomorrow and today

so you can call your mother

and you can tell your sister

there is no other woman

that's a fact for me