Pour toi


pour toi je cache toutes les merveilles dans mes bras et je les laisse quand tu viendras me voir je resterai avec tes yeux aussi noirs le monde a choisi mon histoire nous nous sommes aller visiter les villages et nous avons parlé beaucoup des images et toi qui rigolais toujours de mon âge et des mes gaffes et on s'amusait tous le soirs

rit: pour toi oui j'ai changé pour toi aussi j'ai revé j'écoute tes lèvres et je m'appelle à tous mes plaisirs

pour toi j'ai oublié encore tous mes soucis et je te laisserai mon coeur pour la vie toi mon unique amour fou et joli encore une fois je n'ai pas oublié tes regards

oui rappelle moi tes peurs et tes souvenirs pour moi tu seras ma jeunesse, mon courage avec tes mains qui me caressent le visage tellement adage pour toi je me laisserai mourir



Trying and trying and hoping that you You've got no excuse Hard to forget but I've got to I'm sure it's time for you Time to say it cause I am ready You won't say it, no I'll be waiting I don't feel sorry for it

Use your head now Hold your tears back It's not easy To forget me If you're ready I'll be ready I don't feel sorry for it


Hello monster ( A. CACCIOLA - C. MONTAGNANI - GILA / )

hello monster were you forgetting my face? have you come here to remind me how deeply fragile i am

hello monster so were you missing this place? now come closer let me watch you cause i'm reflecting my face in your face

just right when i thought that i finally got rid of you a long time ago,ooh you are back to pour poison inside, right inside my clearest thougths polluting everything, every certainty

hello monster are you hungry? will you be fed by my fear? you have come from the darkest places just to confuse my face with your face


Living in the sky ( A. CACCIOLA - RUSSO / )

nothing seems to mend this pain growing up inside desert waiting for the rain falling from the sky

fears are demons to be tamed eating up my mind

looking for the one to blame there's no reason why

show the deceiver tell me what i'm waiting for tell me how's the light when i'm growing blind

what am i living when all i wanna live's the sky? what am i living what it's worth living now?

i'm a rainbow in the sky fading black and white i am an old star shining bright unready to collide

show the deceiver tell me what i'm waiting for tell me how's the light when i'm growing blind

this little light this light of mine just let it be, just let it shine


Rationalize ( A. CACCIOLA - C. MONTAGNANI / )

i could rationalize what i feel for living on an easier surface i could rationalize what i feel for giving just the rest and not the best

i'd seem sharp and cold hard and very cold, you bet i wouldn't give but hold noone to belong to

but my heart would melt with a song i would fall i tears for pure love and my angel would be close

i could rationalize what i feel for 4 pretending that, that i don't care

those who rationalize what they feel for are the ones who suffer more cause they've got a softer core

they may seem so strong just cause it's what they want but they sleep in the

arms of the morning in the arms of the sea i would open my arms to let them in

they are just like my father they're just like my best friend i would hold them and stroke them in my hand


Silence of time ( A. CACCIOLA - BAGNOLI / )

every single breath i take and every step within my life is a dedication for the love that i am searching

every tear or fool mistake and every heart i left behind is the proof that i still certainly haven't met you

but i'm waiting for you i'm breathing for you

every broken dream i make and every time i lose my mind is a promise just to grow a little stronger for you

every chance i didn't take and every path that wasn't mine give me a feeling that i get a little closer

a bit closer to you i'm breathing for you

the silence of time recalls all the memories that come from so far to hurt my mind the silence of time i hear the voices of so many lies with no crime the silence of time is screaming tonight

every single day i spend without you within my life has a meaning that i'm trying hard to discover

what i'm trying to pretend is that i'm missing you tonight and i can't wait the moment that i'll meet you

but i still don't know you and i'm breathing for you

for all my life memories were weapons that tortured my mind but i still fight

the silence of time is screming so loud but it's all i can't try to deny

the silence of time i am still waiting for you to come by just to find

right words to defy my silence of time

if my silence is the sound of pain i've always tried to hide will you come here to disclose the door and let me love you?

Heaven ( A. CACCIOLA - MANCINI / )

over the mountains over the rivers of my soul there is a shelter where i, i can rest from my pain protect my feelings but who can protect myself from you every time every minute

if i still belong, i still belong to heaven can i still belong to you x2

to pass all my boundaries you'll need to reach out your hand and hold hold me from deep inside you'll turn my soul of stone into gold will you understand me? or will you steal all the light from me? like everyone, every minute

well, i used to know the lyrics of your song off by heart now it seems that every word is just messed up now i don't understand just who you are tell me who you are, tell me who you are


Queen of the night ( A. CACCIOLA - MANCINI / )

Me and Sally wanna spend the night at a new club in town to find out if the new dj plays some sexy sound so I put on my best dress for a hot Saturday night you'll remain completely speechless, yes you will

while we're standing at the bar we see a guy all alone he's so gorgeous, I'm so trendy that I asked for his phone when he turns around we see he's not exactly our kind he says : back off you ladies, cause I'm the Queen of the night


We decide to dance alone and wait for a better time so we walk into the crowd to have some fun tonight well,the music is just fine, this is the sound we adore while we're dancing, we feel sexy, yes we are

the dj recognizes me, he wants me to sing my song I'm embarassed, but I smile and take the microphone while I'm stepping on the stage the guy we met at the bar comes to me and says "forget it! Cause I'm the queen of the night"...